Friday, October 17, 2008

Mommy's little helper

I will be adding pictures later today, after I've worked all morning, run a few errands, gone to my grandma D's appointment, rushed home for the oil man to check and fill the tank and Monkey is taking her nap. I don't have a busy day ahead of me or anything, really.

It was an overcast, cool and rainy day yesterday. Perfect soup weather, so my menu worked out very well indeed.

Monkey is a "needy" child. She likes to be held. This makes cooking and doing dishes very difficult. I've started sitting her up on the counter so she can watch what I'm doing. She's happier, I'm not getting stressed out by a child yanking on my leg and things just go much more smoothly. So when it came time to start chopping onions last night, it was just easier to plop her up on the stove while I worked (the burners were still all turned off at this point, obviously - I put her on my hip once I turned it on).

As I gathered what I needed for my soup, Monkey amused herself in the container of spoons, whisks and spatulas. By the time I was chopping onions, she was stirring away at the raw onions in my pot.

She decided she enjoys Mommy's food so much that whatever it is Mommy's doing in that pot must be good, so she grabbed a fistful of raw onions and shoved the entire thing in her mouth.
After taking one bite into it, she promptly spit it all out into her hand and dropped it back into the pot.

At this time, I'd like to reassure any of my readers whom have eaten in my home in the past (or will be eating in my home in the future): THIS IS NOT NORMAL ACTIVITY IN MY KITCHEN!

I didn't bother trying to take her slobbered on onions out seeing as it is just the three of us eating the soup. And I'll be sure to not let Monkey help when I'm having people over for dinner.


Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Hmmmm, have it be known that regurgitating food into cooking vessels IS pretty common at my house and USUALLY occurs when we are having guests over . . . consider this your warning!

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Oh that is too funny! Poor little monkey doo!!

Jodi said...

T was a little insulted when I informed him his dinner had been spit in.


Gram said...

What's a little spit between friends, right? Poor Monkey was just trying to be a good cook... you have to taste it before you serve it... HAHA

Jodi said...

Gram - did she learn that from watching YOU in the kitchen?

What have you not been telling me all these years????

Country Girl said...

She is sweet. It is fun to have a little helper in the kitchen...sometimes! My oldest was a
"needy" kid too but my second was and is Ms. Independent.

PIE said...

They are all so different...but my boy is my needy fact he will lay on the floor and in his most practiced whiney voice say "mom I NEEEEEEED you..." Perhaps a little hiatus on the stove would help! Lol...

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