Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Explanations necessary

So, I'm sure many of you noticed a big slump in my posting starting the first week of November. I said I was busy, blah blah. Well, that was only partly true. You see, I have a big mouth. I have an extremely hard time keeping secrets. And I had a big secret in need of keeping.

Now Christmas is over and the secret is out, so it's time to explain myself.

Rewind to Halloween. After an evening of trick or treating with T and Monkey, I finally plopped my exhausted body into bed. T and I started talking about our day and for some reason, a calender image for the month of October popped into my head. I began mentally counting weeks and realized something was missing from my week. So the following morning, I pulled the spare EPT out of the closet.

Sure enough, positive - immediately.

So there you have it, my dear readers. I am 13 weeks pregnant today. We managed to keep it a secret for 2 months!

Our parents were obviously ecstatic. I think my Dad's response was my favorite, though. Monkey is a moving target and he was trying to read her shirt. "I'm.... going.... to.... be.... a..... big..... sister. Really?? REALLY?!?!" My Mom already had an idea it was coming (how I kept morning sickness from her for 2 weeks while she was with us in November is beyond me).

I've decided I'm having a boy just because of the morning sickness. I wasn't sick a day for Monkey. Not so this time. For the record, I was convinced Monkey was a boy until about 2 weeks before I had her when I found out she was breech - then I had my doubts because up until that point, my entire pregnancy had been the same as my Mom's for me was. Breech baby just cinched it! We'll see how good I am at guessing this time.....(Stubborn from the womb is what my Mom likes to say about me - I think we'll be able to say the same of Monkey).

For ease of typing, I will be saying he and him. We will not be finding out if we're having a boy or a girl, though. This is one of life's greatest surprises! So remember that when you see me talking about him.

For the purpose of blogging, I'll be calling him New Bean for the time being (I called Monkey "Bean" while I was pregnant for her).

I'll probably be a little quiet for a few more weeks. I need to clean up from the holiday's, I'm fighting first trimester fatigue (hopefully over with very soon!), and it's the year end at work so I have W-2's to prepare and paperwork to get together for the accountant.

If I don't manage to log on again this week, have a very Happy New Year! And be safe if you're out partying on New Year's Eve!


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations to you & T...and Monkey!! How exciting!!

Country Girl said...

CONGRATS & Happy New Year! ~Kim

Gram said...

Grammy is soooo excited... but I bet everyone knows that anyway!! Monkey will always be my very special girl, though... Love & Kisses to all of you....

Michelle said...

For the record, I'm taking notes ;)

Queenie said...

What a wonderful New Year your family will have! Congratulations and best wishes - here's a toast that the pesky morning sickness will disappear soon and be replaced by that glowing feeling of creating a new special person!

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Congrats that is excellent! I can't believe that you are waiting to find out! I couldn't stand it I always had to peak at my Christmas presents!

Take Care and Happy New Year!

Jodi said...

Gram - no favoritism!

Thanks, everyone. We're pretty excited (though I think I'm still in shock and it's not quite real for me yet because we JUST told everyone.. haha).

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