Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Ice Storm of '08

While I realize it was extremely minor compared to the storm of 98, it was an ice storm nonetheless.

We were lucky and didn't have a loss of power at all, but we did have some damage on our property. And T was forced to climb onto the roof at 11 PM last night when we got home to empty the gutters because they were plugged and frozen.

I tried to post these yesterday, but my Internet was down all day long. So, here are a few pictures I managed to get hanging out of the windows in my house (it was pouring! I couldn't bring Monkey outside to get them).
And now it's firewood:

This tree doesn't want to die. We think the original damage/misshaping happened in 98. The tree is shaped funny. And lost quite a few more big branches over the course of the morning.

This one doesn't look like it broke. It just kissed the ground but may have survived.

So, Monkey and I finally ventured out around 4. The side road near our house wasn't plowed and hadn't been touched in hours, so there was quite a mess in the road. This picture was my attempt at getting proof of the IDIOT riding a pedal bike down the road! Unplowed icy mess in the dark! MORON!


Joy said...

I can't see the bike, but some idiot was riding one?!!

Jodi said...

That's the point! You can't see him! He's lucky I didn't run him over.

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as 98... so they say anyway, still so many without power. My cousin has been without power since Thursday night in Freeport. We were lucky our power stayed on, I say we're lucky... my hubby was itching to use all his survivor man toys ;)

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