Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold weather goals update

My original goals are posted here: (Part 1 and Part Deux).

1) I liked Monkey's scarf so much I decided I needed one for myself like it. In blue. For hockey (instead of the striped scarf I was working on). I put the striped one aside for now so I can get this one done, hopefully, for the last weekend of hockey.

3) We are now on our third week of enjoying homemade bread. No more store bought for this family! I use the Honey-Whole Wheat Bread recipe from Betty Crocker's Best Loved Recipes. It makes two loaves, which lasts us a week.

4) I had a checkup this week. My OB is pleased with my weight and with our general progression. We have an ultra sound scheduled for next Thursday. This would be the BIG one if we were planning on finding out the sex of New Bean. Alas, tough cookies. HA!

7) I finally have all of our old paperwork sorted out. Anything we don't need has meet the shredder. My parents are coming to visit next weekend and are supposed to bring me the carpet piece my Grandma D offered me. T & I are also going to take advantage of extra help with Monkey. We're going to put up the cabinet above my desk so I can finally organize my day to day paperwork and get stuff OFF the desk so I have room to work (specifically on my crafting stuff! My sewing machine is going to finally have a home!).

9) I'm doing very well with this one! I decided this week to spend a little money on myself. I ordered a bunch of cute tops. I remember how important it was for my mental well being to feel good about how I look while I was pregnant for Monkey. So I've really taken the time to focus on myself a little. I think it will be even more important this time around because I haven't felt as wonderful as I did last time. (I was one of those glowing women other women get annoyed at through my entire pregnancy for Monkey.. haha).

10) I don't update on this one often, but I have been enjoying my family very much. It's so much fun watching Monkey grow and learn new things. We're in the beginning stages of her verbal explosion, and it's a hoot. "Where going Daddy," "Here you go," and just this morning "Here Mommy" have all caught me off guard. We go from one random word here and there to small sentences at the snap of our fingers! I even got an "I love you" last week, which really made me melt. We're taking a family day on Saturday to go to the 100 Mile Wilderness Race in Greenville. The weather is looking fantastic, too!

I feel like I've been extremely productive. And we all know how I do love to feel productive!

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