Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The end of an era

Yesterday was a fantastic mail day for us. T's new debit card arrived two weeks earlier than expected (his was one affected by the recent breach in security in New England), our seeds arrived and I received my latest edition of Country Home (the picture above is from the January/February edition - March isn't online yet).

Much to my immense disappointment, there was a letter to subscribers telling us this is the last edition to be published. And to make matters worse? I didn't enjoy the final edition all that much.

Country Home has been my most adored magazine since I started taking an interest in decorating at the ripe age of 13. If you look through my binders of ripped out pages from magazines, more often than not, you'll find "Country Home" printed in the bottom of the page.

And to rub salt into the wound, my subscription was just renewed for this month. And they'll be replacing it with Ladies' Home Journal.

I hope to enjoy Ladies' Home Journal, but I doubt it's a subscription that will be renewed again next year.

Now I need to find another magazine to enjoy as much Country Home. I already get Country Living and Martha Stewart Living - they're both OK, but still don't compare for me.

It was a sad day for me.

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Gram said...

I understand your pain... lol... I haven't received my final magazine yet, but it should be in any day now. We'll just have to keep our eyes & ears open... I'm sure something comparable will come along soon... :)

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