Monday, February 9, 2009

I need to vent.

This weekend, we ended up at Target on Saturday night to stock up on a diaper sale ending that day. We decided to look for a plastic sled (the kind to go down a hill - not pull a kid around in)while there. All summer outdoor toys are already out. There were a few kiddo snowboards, but the snow toy selection was slim. And there were no sleds.

So we made a pit stop at Walmart to check them out. Same deal.

We had to get home at this point because we were pushing Monkey's bed time as it was. T made a bunch of phone calls yesterday.

Not a sled to be found.

I called my Mom this morning and asked her to hit Miller's department store in Fort Kent on her lunch break.

Guess what?


It is the beginning of February in the State of Maine. Where are all of the sleds? We'll have snow in this area for at least another 6 weeks - and probably another 3 months up north.

So completely and totally irritating.

And thank goodness for Grammy. They are coming to visit this weekend and making a delivery. Monkey is going to get to experience sliding down a hill with her Daddy this winter!


Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Target will be putting up bathing suits next weekend!

Jodi said...

Shush! I don't want to think about bathing suits this year, thank you. *shudders*

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