Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hall closet - CHECK.

I finally started my hall closet organization project last week.

I finished it this morning, with Monkey's help.

Let's not forget the mess it was before (actually, I'd very much love to forget it):

I put sleeping bags and spare pillows on the top shelf. Then I put in the 2 hanging garment organizers I got at Target on clearance for $8 a piece. They organize spare sheets, air mattress and air pump very nicely.

I wanted to use an S hook to hang my cleaning bucket from the shelf but had nothing on hand. I'm impatient so I found a teeny bungee cord in T's work bench and used it as a hook. My step stool fits nicely to the side and my vacuum has just enough space to be parked, also. My seldom used ironing board is hiding against the back wall, but still in easy reach should I ever need it (I couldn't tell you the last time I used it. I think it was to iron T's clothes for the wedding we attended back in October...)

This peg rack was already installed inside the door when we bought the house. I decided to utilize it for more organization. We had the hardest time finding this backpack on Sunday to use for Monkey's paraphernalia to go to the hockey game. Now, it has it's very own special spot. The tan bag I made to store clean rags (I even embroidered "Clean Rags" on the front, because I'm cheesy like that).

Now I just need T to paint the door. We did the 2 kids' rooms when we remodeled during my pregnancy for Monkey. Perhaps we'll get the rest done this time?

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the end result!


Gram said...

Real nice job.... just be sure to let us know where Dad's BV is hidden for next weekend... lol

Jodi said...

Dad's BV is hidden on the shelves above the stairway. To avoid him getting his socks stuck on a nail and falling down the stairs again, let the barefoot and pregnant lady handle getting out the booze. lol

PS - It's almost empty.

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