Monday, February 16, 2009

Last week's new recipes: A review:

T's schedule is off again this week, so I'm in the office today. I'll review last week's recipes today and post new ones tomorrow.

The Smashed Potato Soup was horrible. None of us liked it at all. Monkey would not take more than two bites (Yes, my piggy! Only two bites!) and I only barely ate a bowl full. T did attempt to eat as much of the leftovers as possible by bringing them to work for lunch, but I ended up tossing most of it. I despise being wasteful and tossing leftovers, so that tells you how much we disliked it. Our first new recipe to end up in the trash and not on a recipe card in the recipe box. Not bad, considering we've been doing this for six weeks now.

I was supposed to make the Creamy Tortellini Soup on Friday, but I got carried away around the house and missed my deadline for getting it started to have in time for dinner. So I threw together a pizza instead and T is making the soup for dinner tonight. I'll review it tomorrow before posting the new recipes for this week.

Yes, I used the plural. I am actually being extremely ambitious this week and trying out five new recipes. One is a side dish and the rest are the main course. Granted, it includes the one I didn't make last week, but it is still a lot of new stuff!

I have too many loose recipes floating around my kitchen again (even after taking these five out of the pile and putting them aside with my grocery list!), so I'm being proactive. I absolutely can not allow my recipe files to become a mess again.

Have a great day and watch for tomorrow's ambitious list!

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