Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving turkey

I was out of town for most of this past week. My mom had her surgery last week and although everything went well, I wanted to be there to give her a hand (cook, clean and/or run errands for her). Though bringing my two young children there created a bit less of a relaxing and restful surrounding for her, I'm afraid.

Because I was gone, I only have one new recipe this week. It's a big deal, though. It was the main event for Thanksgiving (which we only celebrated on Friday night because I drove home on Thursday)!

First, I need to tell you how crazy we were the past two weeks. Hannaford had Marvel turkey on sale for 40 cents a pound. That's ridiculously cheap. We rearranged the deep freeze and the freezer on our fridge and bought four. Yep. Four. And, as if that wasn't enough, after I left with the kids, T went and picked up another to let thaw in the fridge all week so I could make it last night. I have a lot of turkey and zero room left in either freezer at the moment. I can't say I was disappointed when T didn't get his deer this year. I have no idea where we would have put any of it. HA!

T saw Giada De Laurentiis making this on Foodnetwork one day a few weeks ago. I decided to give it a try instead of roasting the way I always do (stuffed with carrots, onions and celery and rubbed with a few herbs). I am so glad I tried Turkey with Herbes de Provence and Citrus.

I had to tweak it, as I'm wont to do. T missed "1 orange" on the shopping list. And the grocery store was completely out of fresh sage (and I thought I had dried, but discovered none when I was putting it together). So I used no sage and two lemons. Otherwise, I followed the recipe.

The turkey was delicious, but our favorite part was the gravy. It was the absolute best gravy either of us has ever had. I'm drooling now even thinking about the leftover gravy currently residing in my refrigerator.

Being a family of four with only three of us actually eating off the turkey, we've got quite a bit leftover. I dug out some turkey recipes to try in the coming days, so watch for those!

Enjoy your kitchens and your families!


jamie said...

Yummy! That turkey sounds great! I am looking forward to seeing those leftover turkey recipes. I love your new header too!

C said...

Yum! Glad you were able to have Thanksgiving as a family :)

Did you make the gravy from the turkey recipe you posted? I can't seem to make a good gravy, so I'd love to know your tricks and recipes.

Jodi said...

C, that is the gravy I used. We used it again tonight for hot turkey sandwiches and it's just as good left over.

Thanks, Jamie. I'm not done tweaking but I'm working with new programs and don't have much free time to figure them out (as I'm sure you can relate). I want to shrink it some just haven't figured out how to. haha

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