Monday, March 15, 2010

Kitchen Challenge – Week 2

Week 2 was coq au vin. 

Coq Au Vin

Once again, I went to Alton Brown.  This was by far one of the most labor intensive meals I have ever prepared.  Like the soufflé, I didn’t find it difficult.  It just took a long time (not to mention it sits in the fridge overnight).

I used frozen pearl onions, eliminating the first step (boil & peel).  And I used Cabernet because we happen to have quite a few bottles in our “wine cellar.”

It got great reviews around the table (well, minus Little Man – he refuses to move past 2nd foods, so he’s still on jars until I can start grinding my cooking for him.  Stubborness.)  I can see making this again down the road – perhaps when we have visit for dinner.

How did yours turn out? 

Remember the rules – you need to post a picture and the recipe you used on your blog and post your post link in the comments (or for non-bloggers, on the LTRLT fan page on Facebook).  Deadline for submitting is Friday.

This week is mole.  I’ll admit, I’m nervous.  It doesn’t sound very enticing to me.  But, I’m willing to give it a whirl!

Enjoy your kitchens!


Gram said...

I hope you make this when I visit.. you know my history with wine! LOL... & Mole? I don't think I want any of it...

Jodi said...

Oh yes... SHISAZ! I believe that was the night we got you to try sushi.

You're full of laughs tonight. *still cracking up at the fake hair piece with RP* I'm going to dream of that tonight - his face was priceless.

Gram said...

It was "priceless"??? Was the pun intended... LOL

You still haven't told me what mole is... but I do believe that I remember SHISAZ! That was the one I wanted over ice cream.. ha

Jodi said...

Oh man.. that wasn't intended. *snort*

Mole is a Mexican sauce.

I think we're all out of Shisaz... probably a good thing if I'm leaving my kids in your care in my house for a night.... hehehehehe

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