Monday, May 10, 2010

Laundry detergent verdict

laundry detergent

Remember my bucket of fun from Saturday?  Turns out, I didn’t have any laundry to try it on yesterday.  So it got it’s trial run on my bedding today. 

I opened the bucket to be greeted by a gelatinous goop.  I stirred it up with a paint stick (which broke!), put half a cup in my washer and dumped in my sheets.

I need to note that I am using a new washer and I found streaks on something last week (it was a pair of light tan pants I had sprayed with Spray and Wash – so I assumed it was the Spray and Wash).

Monkey and Little Man’s sheets all turned out fine today.

Mine, however, had streaks on the flat sheet:


It’s really difficult to see, so I tweaked the image so you could see what streaks I’m talking about:


The green sections are the normal colored sections of the sheet.  The blue is where it looks like my sheets got bleach splashed on them.  Unfortunately, I think it may be the washer and not the detergent that did this (because of my pants from last week).

They smell really good and I can’t wait to climb into my fresh bed tonight. 

And I’m going to bite the bullet and try it on a load of darks this afternoon.  

Wish me luck.  Hopefully I have only good things to report.

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Country Girl said...

I like the dry homemade detergent best

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