Thursday, June 10, 2010

Junking fun

Every Friday morning, I check the classifieds online for yard sales in our vicinity.  And every Friday morning, after I’ve had my coffee and Monkey has watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I pack the kids in the car and off we go.  Monkey loves it.  Little Man… well, he’s kind of indifferent still.  Like most everything else, he’s just along for the ride. 

Last Friday, we hit quite a few yard sales and found quite a few treasures.


Everything has already been scrubbed down and I’m slowly taking care of everything.  Monkey laid claim on the window frame.  It’s already been put up but I’m not quite finished with it.  I’m hoping to finish tomorrow. 

What I’m here to share with you tonight is this lamp.


Fairly ugly number, isn’t she?  I got her for $4.  And yes, she works.  The first thing I did was strip the fabric off the lamp shade that I very nearly threw in the trash. 

Yesterday, I quickly sprayed it with paint.  It got a few coats of glossy black and then a stone spray on top.  This morning, I pulled out my trusty glue gun and a large scrap of fabric for the shade.


Already, so much better.  I’m going to put some trim on the top and bottom edges of the shade (it will make it prettier and also hide the shadows of the rough edges on the fabric).  I just don’t have what I’d like on hand so a trip to JoAnn’s is in order. 

All that for $4 and stuff I had lying around the house.  

Tomorrow is Friday again.  Guess what we’ll be doing.


Lisa said...

Very cute. Love the suitcase, Whatcha gonna do with it? Oh and great job on the cupboard, very french chic--


Jodi said...

Thank you!

The suitcase is going to get a few packets of lavender sachets in it, for starters (musty smell - blech). Then it's going to be a toy "box" for Little Man's room. It fits perfectly under his crib!

I'm starting another section of cupboards tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. I AM looking forward to the finished producte so that should give me some motivation. :0)

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