Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sew Fun Sunday

Yeah..  so it’s Tuesday.  You know how it goes around here.  Life is hectic.  I’m lucky I’m having time to post at all, let alone on the right day…  ha.

Little Man needed curtains in his room.  This is what he’s been sporting – leftovers from when his bedroom was a guest room. (Don’t mind the shadows.  T was putting up the new hardware when I snapped this.)


I found this fabulous shower curtain at Target on clearance. 


They didn’t have any in store locally so I sucked it up and paid $6 in shipping because I really just HAD to have it.  The numbers.  The letters.  The fun randomness.  It still only cost me $24.  I sliced it down the middle, hemmed up my raw edge and we now have two curtain panels.

I bought a couple of cute coat hooks at Home Depot and some nice curtain clips on rings.  T mounted the hooks for me.  The rod?  One of T’s old hockey sticks.  It had just been taking up space in our closet for the past 8 or so years.  Now it has a cute purpose.


I’m mighty pleased with the look.  I am considering either adding a color block at the bottom to make them floor length – or shortening them to the height of the window and creating throw pillows with the extra fabric once Little Man is in a big boy bed.  They’ll stay as is for now until I make up my wishy washy mind.

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing.  A few were gifts so I’m not able to share at this time.  But I did make a custom apron I’m pretty pleased with.  (Don’t mind the wrinkly pants.  I’ve been at the office all day and had T take a quick picture so I could get final approval from the person who ordered it)


Aprons coming soon to The Road Less Traveled on Etsy.

Have you been working on anything fun?

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jamie said...

So darn clever! I love the print too.
I've been looking for an inexpensive way to put new drapes in our den, now I'm off to look at shower curtains! Thanks for the great idea!

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