Saturday, January 23, 2010

I’ve been pretty quiet this week

Quiet is difficult for someone with a love of speaking and a rather large mouth. 

I have some recipes to share tomorrow. I’m hoping to bake up some kind of sinful concoction later today. 

I spent a couple of afternoons in the basement cleaning and organizing with the kids.  Y0u may remember this from my cold weather goals last year.  What I had put on the walls ended up upstairs – and it had officially turned into a storage room again. I’ll be doing some decorating tomorrow and may actually finally have that family room I’ve been wanting down here.


I made more bagels.  I’m planning on experimenting tomorrow and trying to get some apple cinnamon bagels on the table.  They are my favorite.

Enjoy your weekend and the fabulous weather we’re supposed to be having. 

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Anonymous said...

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