Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I’m a Lumberjack, Baby

We’ve changed the location of our garden.  It will no longer be hanging out in the backyard with the blueberries.


Instead, it’s going to be directly behind the garage – much closer to the house.  (It will also be 40’x40’ rather than the 20’x20’ and then 20’x30’ we had originally – and secondly – planned out).

There was only one problem with this new locale.  Big Green was blocking all of the sunlight.


Lucky for us, we happen to know a very skilled lumberjack.


Here’s my dad, doing one of the things he does best.


It’s also something he loves.  He’s like a kid in a candy store when someone asks him to pull out the chainsaw.


He had an audience.  Little Man is pure boy and completely enamored with tools and “man” toys.


It only took him a few minutes to get the job done.


Then we loaded her up.


Oh, hi!  The rest of our audience.


Three loads later and a stump is all that remains.


Sorry Big Green.  You have been sacrificed.


Also, anytime I hear a chainsaw, I get this song stuck in my head

(heavy metal but no nudity or swearing)

So of course, I’ve been singing this song all.night.long.

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