Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tissue Paper PomPoms

Monkey’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.  She’d like a flower party.  I started working on our DIY party decorations this morning.

Martha Stewart has these awesome tissue paper pompom flowers I’ve been seeing pop up all over Blogland.  They’re adorable and girly – perfect for a flower party.

We gathered our supplies,


folded our tissue,


and tied a length of wire around the center.


I then trimmed the edges (Good Lord I need a manicure – and Monkey needs her nails trimmed!),


and carefully started spreading the tissue out (Monkey photography).


Hmm.  Not nearly as pretty as the ones I’ve seen in Blogland.  This looks like a big bow.


My second attempt wasn’t much better.

For my third attempt, I cut three sheets of paper into quarters.  I then did the same as above, in a smaller version.  (She loves both equally)


Much better, yes?


The trick?  Don’t be cheap and use more stacks.  (My first was only five sheets, my third and smaller version had twelve sheets).


Now I know the trick, I’ll be heading back to the store for a bit more colored tissue paper.


Haley said...

That last one turned out great! Can't wait to see the finished party decorations!

Jodi said...

Thanks! I've since made a few more and doctored up the 2 I'd made that came out awful. I have a nice little pile of them WAAAAY up high where the kids can't reach. lol

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