Monday, May 23, 2011

Mmmm… Fiddleheads

I think my father-in-law felt a little badly for T yesterday when T informed him we wouldn’t be doing our annual fiddlehead picking.  As much as we love the rewards of our hard work, we just don’t have the time.  So, my father-in-law took it upon himself yesterday to pick a 6 gallon pail of the tasty green delicacy for us.  T then helped him clean them.

Now I have the fun job of par-boiling and freezing them.


It’s an easy process, really.  It just takes a little time.

First, I boil them for a minute or 2.  Then I drain them, stick them in an ice bath and then drain them again.


Then I lay them out on a towel to dry for a few hours before I pack them into freezer bags - in meal sized portions.

My counter is currently full of them.

These are about ready to hit the freezer so I get to go start round 2.  I’m hoping to get our cooler half empty before I need to make dinner.  (They’re in cold water in the cooler until I process them all.  Ideally, you want them refrigerated, but we just don’t have the space.  We’ll rinse any left in the cooler tonight and put fresh water until I can deal with the rest tomorrow.)



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