Monday, May 23, 2011

Mission Organization: Day 4

I realize I’ve posted Day 1-4 today.  I started on Friday but just haven’t kept up posting.  :-P

The kitchen is coming along nicely.

Today, I took a small and easy organization project (seeing as I have my hands full with fiddleheads!).

The window above my sink was a real eyesore.


I’ll be putting a display shelf up eventually.  Until then, I’m keeping a few small NEAT things on the windowsills.



So much better.  I got the yeast tin at a yard sale for $1.  I keep our matches and scraping blades hidden in it (out of the kids’ reach, of course).  The spice jars I found in my grandfather’s store.  It’s mostly been cleaned out but there are a few little hidden treasures still.  These jars are still full! (The thyme still smells good too – though I have NO intention of using them.  lol)

Next up – the 2nd window sill in my kitchen.


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