Monday, May 23, 2011

Mission Organization: Day 1

and 2.

I am completely amazed at how unorganized our house is.  I thought moving would help me get us organized, seeing as everything was being pulled out and put into new spaces – starting fresh.


That would be too easy.

We use the entry in the kitchen as our main entry.  To get to this door, you must first go through the sun porch.

This is what has been greeting my guests for the past 4 months.


Ok, so maybe not this mess in particular but it has been a mess of one kind or another.


We’ve been using it to spread out some painting projects, holding firewood and an in between for hauling stuff either out of or into the house.

I spent a few hours one afternoon hauling everything out, vacuuming it up and cleaning up the walls, floor and windows.

Day 2 involved making it a little bit more welcoming.


I have big plans for this room but I won’t be able to tackle it any time soon.  I couldn’t live with the mess in the meantime.


This?  This I can live with.

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