Saturday, March 14, 2009

In honor of Maine Maple Sunday

Next Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday. I'm currently browsing the list of participating maple producers to figure out where we're going to bring Monkey to see a real maple operation in the works.
I say a "real" operation because we have a little makeshift operation set up right on our front lawn. Please look at what I have on my front lawn (this picture is from last year, but the bucket has been out for a week now this year).
T is planning on just boiling for two whole days (two consecutive Sundays because he needs to be out there keeping an eye on things). Our "sugary" is the turkey fryer set up in the shed. Last year, T made enough syrup to almost get us through the year! Hopefully he can get the amount just right this year.

Yes, that is a Playboy and a can of beer you see on the little table. I'm obviously not allowed in on the boiling time.

You like our set up? It works well for us, that's for sure!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the set up! I just found your blog and I'll probably spend my whole morning reading the archives. Thanks for giving me a good excuse to procrastinate with the housework :)

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