Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly cold weather goals update:

My original goals are posted here: (Part 1 and Part Deux).
3) Still going strong on bread baking. I find it therapeutic. We've slowed down on how much bread we eat in the past few weeks (it happens from time to time) so I froze one of my fresh loaves this week. We'll see how we like it next week.

5) I've been having trouble getting to finish the bedroom painting! I did get to put a couple more coats on our bedroom door yesterday. T is going to paint the walls for me this weekend (I think he can tell I'm getting pretty discouraged with the amount of time it's taking).

6) I'm currently scoping out ideas online as to what to do with my kitchen. I'm not leaving the cabinets as is, but this project may be pushed off a while because I want a cheap fix that looks good. Also, I'm trying to convince my brother to come visit for a week (or two or three!) to help me work on a bunch of house projects I have. Painting the stairway is at the top of the list I'm working on for him.

7) See #6: The part about bribing my brother to come visit.

That's all for this week!

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