Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This week's new recipes:

Monkey has been sick (she's popping her top two eye teeth and has been absolutely miserable for the past couple of days, including a vomit episode at the grocery store on Sunday), so I'm a bit behind in my recipes this week. Sorry. Mommy cuddles were more important than recipes yesterday!

I've got two this week, both courtesy of Rachael Ray, of course.

First up is an Inside-Out Pizza Roll. It calls for her Meat Sauce, but I'm going to concoct my own version using our tomato sauce from last fall (our freezer has quite a bit left in it) - and am thinking of adding some veggies for some extra healthy goodness.

The second recipe I picked for this week has caused a little discord in my household. T only worked a half day yesterday and with Monkey feeling as she was, I asked him to do our weekly grocery shopping on his way home (the vomit episode was a quick run for biscuits for a recipe I'll be sharing later). The French Onion and Wild Mushroom Soup just looks and sounds really good to me. And it's a 30-Minute Meal, so how could I pass it up? T, however, thought it was insane to pay $6 for an ounce of dried wild mushrooms and decided not to get any. He didn't realize I'd planned accordingly for the week to accommodate the pricier item in our budget. He'll be stopping at the store when he's in town today if he knows what's good for him. HA

We're having Shrimp Nests again on Friday. This will be the first time I re-make one of our new recipes!

Up next: random sweet treats.

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