Monday, March 2, 2009

A review of last week's new recipes:

I've already shared my extreme pleasure with the California Roll Salad. I've been having dreams of it ever since!

Since my original post last week, the Samurai Soup recipe has become available online at Rachael Ray Magazine. It took me longer to prepare than the recipe says (by about 15 minutes), but it was still really good. Even Monkey loved it. At least, I assumed she loved it when she picked up her bowl at the end of her meal so she could drink the last of the broth.

My third recipe last week was Cheesy Hash Brown Chili (yet another Rachael Ray recipe). I only had half as much chili powder as I needed but decided to forge ahead. We did still need to eat, right? It was really good. I think it will be even better with the proper amount of seasonings. And, unlike her father, Monkey devoured the red beans.

Another successful week!

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