Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yard Work Never Looked So Good

We’ve got a pretty big yard at our new house.


I was told there used to be a softball field back here.  The previous owners had 3 athletic sons.  We found a remnant this week now that the snow is finally gone.  T tells me it’s home plate and pointed out what he thinks is the old backstop down the bank.


We’ve been doing a lot of work outside.

Of course, there were our new apple (and plum) trees.


We also mapped out where our new garden plot will be (the 4 flags in front will be the 4 corners). Side note – I can’t WAIT for the lawn to green up.


We also put in blueberry bushes – only 9 for this year with hope to put in more next year.


I’ve discovered a lot of flower beds.


Most of them need some work.


They currently look like weed piles – but we do have some growth!


So far, my favorite find was hiding in this bed:


Most of those bricks were laying on their side and almost completely covered with dirt and plants.  I also found a stack of them behind the garage AND another small bed only with a partial border – most of which was also covered in dirt and plants.  I won’t have quite enough to go the whole way around, but I’m sure I’ll find more old brick lying around here somewhere.

I’m planning on slowly edging all of the beds.  Weeding and mulching are on the short list.  I’m not planning on doing anything else in them for this year because I have no idea what’s in them, for the most part.  So I’ll let them go and see what’s up.

Then there’s this:


T started cutting out the brush yesterday.  The goal is to get it all cleaned up and then decide which of the old trees has to go (we have some dead rot. :-(


There is another patch of trees and brush that will need cleaning up as well.  We’re doing the section that shows first then we’ll get around to the other when time permits.

I feel like we’ve already done so much in just a week or 2 of outside work!

Next up: Revamp one of the more unsightly beds in the back for the kids garden.  Sunflowers, pumpkins and peas, oh my!


Kelli said...

That's really neat that it used to be a softball field! You should leave the home plate there. I know it has no historical value, but it's so cool!

Jodi said...

I think we will leave it. Maybe the kids will play ball some day.

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