Monday, March 2, 2009

This week's new recipes

Have you noticed a trend the past few weeks? I can't have just one new recipe. Nope. I need multiples. T has created a monster! I don't think he's complaining, though. I had been getting pretty boring in the kitchen before we started this "project."

This first one isn't brand new to us. I've only made it a couple times though, so I guess it is still relatively new. So I decided to share the wealth. Last spring, we were wanting to incorporate more casseroles into our life. We were watching Alton Brown one night and saw him making all sorts of casseroles. One in particular caught our attention so we promptly looked it up online. Broccoli Casserole is a bit involved to put together (it creates a lot of dishes in the prep process), but it is very much worth it (and you can wash the dishes once the casserole goes into the oven). Because we use it as a main dish, I've thrown leftover chicken into it before. The chicken isn't necessary, though.

I've been wanting to attempt making my own ravioli for quite some time. Rachael Ray to the rescue, once again. Pan-Fried Spinach Ravioli is on the menu for Thursday night. It looks really good and extremely easy to make, too.

Now that hockey season is over for us and we'll actually be home on Friday for dinner, I've put the Fisherman's Bake back on the menu for this week. I'm considering adding bay scallops to it because they're on sale at Hannaford again this week and I know Monkey enjoys them. We'll see how I feel when I'm at the grocery store.

May you be enjoying your kitchen as much as I have been enjoying mine.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yes i enjoyed my kitchen yesterday .I had the whole crew here for dinner But, believe me we sure missed you and your name would come up often hopefuly next time you can come and enjoy memere's cooking. We sure miss you and your little family .. Love Memere Dedean XOxoo

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