Thursday, March 5, 2009

Would you buy a used crib online?

After converting Monkey's bed, we decided we aren't buying a convertible crib for New Bean, too. When it comes time to put him in a big bed, his bedroom just does not have the space for a full sized bed, dresser and place for a kid to play on their own (not that Monkey's room is very big, but it is bigger than New Bean's). So we'll get a twin bed when it's time to move him out of a crib.

I've been looking online at Target and Baby Depot (Babies R Us is just too far from us and we [I] refuse to pay shipping if we don't have to). If I'm buying new, I want a black crib this time. And the cheapest I've found is $150, has poor reviews online with Target and is still a convertible! The next cheapest is $220, has better reviews with Target customers, but, you guessed it, is also a convertible. And, honestly, that's not much cheaper than we paid for Monkey's crib/bed. There are only a total of 5 cribs on the Baby Depot website.

I've taken to scouring craigslist. I'm just not sure how comfortable I am buying a used crib from someone I don't know.

I do know I can research brands online to make sure I'm not about to buy a recalled crib. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, though.

Any thoughts?


Queenie said...

Jodi, If you can put a soda can through the bars sideways, don't buy the crib. Those are older cribs and are true death traps. If the can can't fit through, you can clean it up, paint it, decorate it, truly make it your own....Have you come up with a color scheme for Little Bean's room?

Anonymous said...

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