Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 Days of Christmas – Day 11

(My laptop charger AND battery died.  I’ll be playing a little catch up over the next few days now I’m back up and running.)

I was perusing blogs one morning with my coffee.  Monkey likes to come look at the pretty pictures with me and pointed this pillow out to me.  She wanted to make it.  So we did!

Felt Tree & Burlap pillow

Monkey wanted to learn how to use my sewing machine so I gave her a simple lesson.  I did the majority of the sewing while she sat on my lap and helped guide the fabric through the feed.  The lumpy filling?  Both Monkey and Little Man had to take part in stuffing.

Felt Tree & Burlap Pillow 2

She’s extremely pleased with her first sewing project (even if Mommy did most of the work ;-).

My children can’t help themselves when we set up for photos.  They just love to sneak in!

Felt Tree & Burlap Pillow 3

Strike a pose.

Felt Tree & Burlap Pillow 4

If you couldn’t guess, Monkey has claimed this pillow as her own and it’s now living on her bed.

I do believe I’ll need to start making multiples when sewing pillows if I ever want some to land on my couch.

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