Tuesday, December 20, 2011

30 Days of Christmas – Day 15

(My laptop charger AND battery died simultaneously forcing me to play catch up for much of this series.)

I saw this bag months ago and fell in love – which is really odd for a woman like myself.  I rarely carry a bag other than Little Man’s backpack full of diapers (which isn’t a major requirement for outings anymore).

I pinned it with the full intention of recreating it for myself.

Instead, I’ve gone and made my own rendition of it for Monkey to give to her teacher for Christmas (hopefully with a few goodies inside).

 Ruffled Burlap Tote

The lining is red striped ticking.  I included a few pockets for more organized storage.  I also used the lining fabric on the outside of the handles to add more color interest.  I decided to leave off the flower because it competed for attention against the handles and ruffles.  I also treated the edges of the ruffles with Mod Podge to prevent the fraying from going from Perfectly Rustic to Falling Apart after a bit of use.

I still love the bag and still think I need one of my own.


Anonymous said...

My Aunt Pam showed me the bag this week....love, love it! If you ever decide to make some to sell, let me know..I would buy one from you in a heartbeat. Very unique....but I am not crafty or a seamstress in any way. I seriously have a hard time to sew buttons. Missy

Jodi said...

Thanks, Missy!
After the New Year, I'll be sewing a few more. I'll let you know when I have some if you're still interested.

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