Tuesday, December 20, 2011

30 Days of Christmas – Day 16

(My laptop charger AND battery died simultaneously forcing me to play catch up for much of this series.)

I had fully intended to list a few items in my etsy store this month for the Christmas season.  Enter laptop malfunctions and life and I never did get around to creating the listings.

I did, however, make some fully lined festive stockings that will end up sitting in my office until next year.  Or I’ll add them for an after Christmas sale if I don’t have Christmas burnout in the meantime.  ;-)

Christmas Stockings

I’d almost like to keep them for myself but T’s sister had personalized stockings knit for us two years ago.  I can only hang so many stockings before Santa says I’m being selfish and stuffs them all with coal!

Christmas Stockings 2


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