Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 Days of Christmas – Day 9

(My laptop charger AND battery died.  I’ll be playing a little catch up over the next few days now I’m back up and running.)

I’ve been saving all sorts of inspiration for an advent calendar but still couldn’t decide what I wanted to make for the kids.  I started looking through the craft stash and STILL couldn’t decide what I wanted to do.

One afternoon, we pulled out our Christmas wrapping supplies to wrap our community service Secret Santa gifts.  I found a slew of glitter gift tags I’d picked up on clearance last year and my light bulb went off. 

Here’s what we came up with:

Advent Activity Calendar

I got the numbers printable here.

Advent Tags

I got the activities printable here – though they ended up being too big for my tags so I had to cut them down.  A lot.  I used blank ones as well to fill in some of our own activities.

Advent Tags 2

The tags are just pinned to the backing with push pins we hot glued some little jewels to. 

The beauty of this calendar is I’ll be able to take the tags and pins off after Christmas and reuse the frame for something else.

Activity du jour?  Make a Christmas craft.  Should be fun!

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