Friday, September 12, 2008

Afternoon errands

I've been out running errands all day today. With T at work all day today, out of town tonight and all day tomorrow... well, let's just say Monkey and I needed out of the house to break up the monotony of it all (especially since we've been here alone all day Wednesday and Thursday as well!)

I couldn't find a nice yellow fleece at my local Wal-mart, so I made a stop at Jo Ann's. DING DING DING! Fleece is on sale for $5.99/yard (regularly $8.99/yard). Now, granted it would have been cheaper to use a 40% off coupon at regular price, but I really needed to get it today because tomorrow is my one chance at getting my Mom's help to make it. The felt by the yard is also on sale for $2.99/yard (regularly $4.99/yard - 40% off). It's really wide so it will work very well to cut strips to make the stripes.

I found a black sparkly headband in the $1 bin at Jo Ann's. I needed some pipe cleaners, so I bought some of those, which I can attach to the headband as antennae. And I already have a bag of cotton pom poms (that I bought at the Dollar Tree), so I can attach a couple of those to the top of the pipe cleaners.

Speaking of the Dollar Tree.... I bought a few random Halloween decorations that I have a few project ideas for. I will refrain from the Halloween decorating until we at least hit the month of October.

Cheap cheap cheap! Loving it!

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