Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Banana Experiment

Well, I've done it.

While T was entertaining Monkey by sharing his breakfast, I quickly peeled and sliced my bunch of bananas.

I did a little reading up thanks to Google last night. My findings were that in order to get crispy banana chips, I would need to fry the slices in coconut oil (which is what you're getting when you buy them in the grocery store). Doesn't that defeat the purpose of eating banana chips? That's not exactly healthy.

I also found that in order to keep the color, I would need to soak my slices in an acid (I used lemon juice because we have 2 huge bottles of it in the house). This is supposed to do nothing to the flavor.

After soaking for a couple of minutes, it was time to load my dehydrator. I'm very glad I didn't decide to attempt apple chips at the same time as my dehydrator is full with just my small bunch of bananas!

We'll be checking on our bananas periodically today, but they'll need to go for 12-16 hours, according to what I read last night.

As my house is now filled with the smell of warm bananas (smells like banana bread - yummy), Monkey and I are setting about the task of cleaning house. All of our food preservation projects have pushed house work aside on the list of things to do... and it shows. The bathroom needs cleaning, the carpets need vacuuming, the laundry needs doing (and it's a perfect day for hanging it out!) and the floors need washing.

So, with that, we're off to get things clean. Starting with the currently poopy fanny I can smell standing in front of me.

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