Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Recap:

Just a few highlights from our weekend at camp.

Friday, T & I left Monkey with his mom (I owed her a nice visit because she didn't see her at all when we were up 2 weeks ago). The 2 of us drove to Edmunston, New Brunswick to visit the beer and wine store, Boutique J'Embouteille. The owner is a lovely woman and you can tell she truly loves what she does. She's extremely helpful and answers any questions you may have. It was our second time there but not nearly our last. Their website isn't that great but I really do like the store.

The weather Saturday was so-so. It was overcast, but the temperature wasn't too bad. Monkey still isn't up for long jaunts in the canoe, so our options were limited. We ended up going to climb Hedgehog Mountain. We were stupid and forgot to bring the backpack carrier with us so T carried Monkey to the top. The entire round trip from the parking lot and back took about an hour. A couple on their way down told us it was foggy and you couldn't see much from the top. We were able to see more than expected. If it had been a clear day, we would have been able to see Mount Katahdin.

Hedgehog Mountain used to have a fire tower on it. You can still see the supports in the rock where it once stood. Down when you first get on the trail stand the 2 ranger camps (pictured below). The road has since grown in and the camps are falling to ruin.
We spent Sunday walking loops in the neighborhood. It was chilly and we had showers so we couldn't meander too far on foot. The evening ended up being pretty nice so we took a ride in canoe before dark. Someone set off fireworks but Monkey and I were both asleep by then. T said they were the nicest he's seen this summer (though that isn't say much as we've only seen fireworks twice all summer).

The entire time we were at camp, a family of loons came around. They must live in our cove. We even saw the juvenile being fed. I think they had radar for when we were eating because we ate most of our meals out on the porch overlooking the lake. We'd sit down and here they'd come. Monkey loved watching them!

We drove home on Monday. We got home around 2 giving us time to harvest tomatoes, touch up paint on the decks, T to transfer his wine to a carboy and the regular household chores that come with being gone for a few days (tons of laundry, anyone?).

That is how we spent our anniversary weekend. Today is our 3rd anniversary. Time sure does fly when you're having fun!

After I get home from work tonight, we're going pumpkin picking!

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Anonymous said...

Hi I was in Edmundston this weekend (and on route 11) too. My favorite places are Au Bout Du Monde and the Botanical Gardens/Les Jardins Botaniques. I hope you had a nice visit. Nice to find another Maine blogger!

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