Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keeping up on housework 101

Is there a class of this nature? If so--SIGN ME UP!

I've hit an all new frustration level in trying to keep this house clean.

If only it would be as easy to clean as it is to dirty.

So tonight, I've turned to beer again.

OK, so I've got a 12 pack in the fridge. If it's here, I'm gonna drink it (2 dry years took a toll on me, it seems).

And on this Thursday evening, I look forward to next Thursday when NBC's new Thursday night line up starts! It's been far too long since we've had a good dose of The Office. And I'm a little interested in the new show, Kath & Kim. I did start enjoying 30 Rock by the end of last season, too.

We are not TV people, by any means. Hell, poor Monkey scared the crap out of herself with the DVD player just today (she didn't realize it would open and pressing buttons is one of her favorite activities right now). But Thursday night is our night to sit down in front of "the box" and get a little entertainment.

I'm hoping to learn to knit this winter. I think Thursday nights will be a great opportunity for me to take it up. I'll actually be sitting in 1 place for a period of time. Why not keep my hands busy?

I'm also hoping to learn to make cheese this winter. I read a few articles in Mother Earth News over Labor Day weekend and it piqued my curiosity.

And this, my friends, is how the mind of drunk Jodi works. I went from housework to TV to knitting to cheese all in a span of less than 5 minutes.

So with that, I bid you farewell for the night. Better to make an ass of myself privately than to broadcast it on the world wide net. ;-)

PS - Thank goodness for spell check.


Michelle said...

Sign me up too, if there is such a class. I don't actually believe you need it though. With all you do in a day!!!
I made H go out and get me some wine because dammit, tonight I'm joining you in the drink!

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I myself polished off a bottle of homemade vino last night . . . must be something in the air?!?!?

Why is it whenever I am drunk my final thoughts are also of CHEESE . . . :)

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Wonederful ramblings of a relaxing night... perfect!!

I need housework 101 also!!! Not enough hours or motivation in a day!

Have you ever been on She's pretty good, I'm fluttering along slowly, not perfect but I'm better than I was in the housework dept!!

Anonymous said...


You already know how I feel about the housekeeping thing.

I'm on the cheese and knitting path this winter, too. Perfect activities I think.

Jodi said...

We don't have any homemade vino just yet.

It's still on the clarification stage.

And the 2nd batch is still in primary fermentation.

*mental note to check out*

Country Girl said...

Beer beats housework any time. It it is an endless and unappreciated. .

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