Thursday, September 11, 2008

The verdict is in.

After 13 hours in the dehydrator, the banana chips are done. Monkey has already taste tested and they pass with flying colors. ;-)

T & I both find that you can taste the lemon juice, but it isn't an unpleasant flavor addition. The juice actually made a thin crispy crust on the outside (the banana itself isn't crispy, but I sliced them so thin that you don't notice).

Speaking of slicing - the mandolin was useless. They were a little too ripe so they just kept mushing up while I attempted to run them through. I put it aside after 1 banana and sliced the rest with a knife.

I may attempt apples today. If not, I'm going to do them this weekend, for sure. I can't get away from making tomato sauce today, though.

We also tried a new wine last night. I'm not much of a wine drinker (give me a cold beer any day!) but I have to admit I really enjoyed this one. It was a Gewurztraminer. At $10 a bottle, it is also affordable. See more about this wine at

And with that, I must be off. My teething child wanted to snuggle most of yesterday so I didn't get all of my housework done, as I had been planning. Who was I to say no to snuggles? At least she seems back to herself today.


Michelle said...

Wow... you amaze me! I can't believe you have time to do all that. I can't wait to see the recipe for the tomato sauce :)

Jodi said...

I have Monkey "help" me, which is a learning experience for her - and it still gives me the ability to do what needs to be done.
If it's something I don't want her to help with (like painting), I either wait for T to get home or I take advantage of naptime.

Look at the Tomatoes entry - the recipe is included there. It's REALLY easy (and unbelievably tastey).

Maddy said...

Visiting from OSH. How very productive you are.

My husband has a fit every time I take out the Mandolin - he views it as some kind of lethal weapon. Mind you so do the kids.

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Glad to hear your banana chips were a success! I actually think the ones at the store are too crunchy so I bet yours were YUMMY!

I love that wine as well! My aunt made a batch of it for me this summer and I was hooked! I also like reisling.

So glad your little monkey popped those teethies! I bet she's a different kiddo today!

Jodi said...

SAHM - My husband has his first batch of wine - Shiraz - on its clarification stage.

He started his second batch of wine - Chamblais - last night. We've decided the Gewurztraminer is going to be his third batch.

We're very excited about this new hobby. Though I do realize I need to become a wine drinker.... lol

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