Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Acre Farm?

(image from Mother Earth News)

Our pipe dream is becoming a reality.

While we were visiting family in Fort Kent over Easter weekend, T and his Dad began construction of our chicken coop, inspired by the photo you see above as seen in Mother Earth News.

We had used the car that weekend, so our coop stayed behind when we came home, waiting to find a ride south.

T did not have to work this morning so he hitched the trailer to the jeep and headed off to meet his Dad half way.

T will finish work on it this weekend in hopes of getting chickens next weekend.

So now we'll need a name for our little one acre "farm", right?

Feel free to leave ideas in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Wannabe Farms....Bry

Anonymous said...

Pipe Dream Farms
Chicken Little Farms
Crazy Acre Farms
Backyard Farms
Chicken Wine & Syrup Farm
Rustic Farms
Chicken Coop Farms
Rustic Coop Farms
Rustic Chicken Farms
Jo...I just can't resist, I love brain storming names.

Memere Dedean said...

What about
T'n'J's Acres
T A'n'J's Acres
Sunset Acres
Stetson's Little Acres
HahaaaYou can mix and match
Chicken Poop Farm

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