Monday, April 13, 2009

A review of last week's new recipes:

I had an extremely busy week last week so I've fallen behind on posting.

A quick review of last week's new recipes:

Monkey and T both loved the Mac 'N' Cheese Muffins. I'm not a huge fan of homemade mac 'n' cheese, but I didn't mind this. I'm going to try tweaking it next time to help myself enjoy it a little more.

T didn't get to have the Springtime Chicken and Orzo at home with us thanks to a late night of work. Monkey and I both loved it. T had it leftover the following day and liked it, but I'll say it was not NEARLY as good leftover as it was the first night.

The Taco Soup was a huge hit. We all loved it. Alas, no matter the love, I have refused to make it again until next fall. It gave me unbelievable heartburn. And ninny that I am, I ate it leftover for lunch the next day and had heartburn even worse the second time around! I made T finish off the leftovers to save myself the misery. HAHA (I'd like to note it's not all that spicy - just too spicy for my pregnant self).

I'm working on this week's menu and will share this week's new recipes later today.

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Memere Dedean said...

Just dropping in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you memere Dedean

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