Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wall paper removal 101.2:

Remember the bathroom project? (click the link for my progress posts)

How about this lovely wall paper?

And my helpful wall paper removal tip?

Well, life got in my way and I still hadn't gotten around to the wall paper GLUE removal. (I know, I know - this happens to me with far too many projects).

After an hour of google research last night, I finally tackled it this morning.

Guess what? It was pretty easy! I am glad it was such a small area because it did require a bit of elbow grease.

The cleaning solution? A bucket of very hot water - as hot as your hands can handle - mixed with liquid dish washing soap. I had a rag to wipe it on, a scrub brush to attack it and a dry rag to wipe it down after. If you are uncertain if it is working, just dry the spot in question and then rub it with a dry finger. If it feels slimy, scrub some more. If it doesn't, you're good to go!

I now need to wash down all of the walls to remove all of the dry wall dust from all of the repair work T had to do. I'll be priming the repaired spots (and probably where the border was too, just to be safe) during Monkey's nap in hopes we're able to get the walls painted before our Handy Man comes to install the tile floor. He's tentatively got us scheduled for Sunday.

The end is in sight! Well, the end of the yucky stuff. Then I get to do the fun stuff!

What's the fun stuff? The accessorizing, of course! I've got big plans in this pretty little head of mine. HA

PS - T did lower the new vanity light for me. It did cause a small ruckus (he wasn't very happy about it when I finally confessed I hated how high it was), but he grudgingly lowered it and patched the old hole. That poor man loves me. Yes, he does. :-)


Anonymous said...

Blogging and my space seem to calm me. I do it more in the mornings with coffee coffee coffee...I rarely ever have the volume on my PC so it is nice and quite. Ran is still asleep and the TV off.

The day at the State House was fun. I got a Govenor's Volunteer Service Award for Administrative volunteering at teh FOH Library in Allagash.

Glad to hear that the bathroom light got lowered. I'm sure it looks much better.

Erica said...

Removing wall paper/border can be a real chore! Glad you got it done, it was the thing I hated the most and my arms felt like they were falling off after I got done. I had a large kitchen plus a bathroom to do lol!

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