Monday, April 6, 2009

Harvest Keeper and a pipe dream?

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I've been wanting to keep track of what we harvest and put up. I was going to just make myself a spreadsheet (what? I'm an anal retentive bookkeeper. I love spreadsheets.), but that would require remembering to dig out said spreadsheet every time it needs an update. I have a toddler and am expecting in July. I foresee a spreadsheet being forgotten.

One of the blogs I follow is Achorn Farm. I've noticed her Harvest Keeper on more than one visit and I've decided I'm borrowing her idea for my own use as well.

Being that we don't exactly live on a farm, we don't have much going on for harvest right now. We did, however, get some syrup made. So I'm starting my Harvest Keeper today since we're done boiling sap.

T was only able to boil twice this year, so we didn't get a ton of syrup compared to previous years. After his first boil, we did use half of a pint of syrup for our annual maple syrup milkshake treat. Otherwise, the homemade stuff will only be used with guests and on special occasions to make it last longer.

Speaking of not living on a farm... we've discussed in the past the possibility of getting chickens. Aside from using them for baking and in recipes, we aren't really big egg eaters (T hates them and I have to be in the mood for them, though Monkey loves them) so we've been hesitant. However, we figured we could always sell and give away the surplus of eggs (which will be most).

Our recent issue of Mother Earth News came in last week. And T found a chicken coop he'd love to make and thinks the time might be right.

So we're now discussing it a little more seriously.

Stay tuned to see what we decide.

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