Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A sweet treat:

T didn't realize I already had a sweet treat planned for this week. I was surprised by the sweet aroma of Honey Pound Cake when I got home from work yesterday. Not only did T make dinner, but he baked dessert and cleaned the kitchen! (My housekeeping kind of got pushed off the priority list while Monkey was sick last week and through the weekend. When your little one is pooping water and vomiting, snuggles are necessary to help make her feel a bit better, right? God, that was gross visual in a sweet treat post. Sorry.)

We sliced into the pound cake for dessert. It was yummy, as is most everything we've been trying lately.

I want to whip up some cream to use on it tonight with strawberries.

My original sweet treat was planned for Saturday morning breakfast, so I'll still be making it. The pound cake will probably be gone by then, anyways. Remember that sweet tooth of mine, right?

I'll just leave you in suspense until then.

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