Friday, April 17, 2009

A review of this week's new recipes:

My seafood pizza experiment was so very good. I pan fried my bay scallops and baby shrimp in olive oil with a little roasted garlic (I have some in a jar from a previous new recipe). I used jarred Alfredo sauce, an Italian blend of shredded cheese, scallions and mushrooms topped with my cooked seafood mixture. After 13-15 minutes in the oven, it was ready to eat.

The Sweet N Sour Chicken Balls were as good as I remembered from my childhood. Monkey didn't like the Sweet N Sour sauce, but she's been working on a tooth (which makes her a little feverish and therefore, not feeling all that great), so it's hard to judge if she really didn't like it or if it just didn't agree with how she's feeling. She ate a ton of rice, which makes me happy (her appetite is non-existent when she's working on a tooth, so she hasn't had much to eat in the past 2 days).

I told T I was planning on a plain old pizza for tonight. He looked at me with puppy dog eyes and asked me to grill some burgers. With the forecast saying we'll be in the 60's today, how could I refuse?

Beware. This is the first time I fire up the grill this year, but it marks the nearing of the end of all of the new recipes I've been trying until we put the grill away next fall. I've been keeping my eyes open for grilling recipes, but we tend to be boring in our grill use (as in we slap a piece of meat down on there and call it good - HA). Hopefully we'll find lots of sides to experiment with in the mean time.

Enjoy your kitchens and enjoy this beautiful sunshiny day!

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