Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've gone and done it

I had a couple beers and now I'm buzzzzzed.

Good thing T is doing bed time tonight (it was his turn anyways. HA)!

I want to recommend Sea Dog's BluePaw. It is blueberry flavored ale - not plain ale with floating blueberries in it like you get most places. (See all of their brews here).

It is unreal straight from the tap (I do mean in a glass, of course), but you can get it in bottles as well.

And, well.. YUM.

Have a good night. I am. :-)


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Ever since I had kids I can hardly drink at all. At least if I drink I have to stay up until I'm totally sober so I don't wake up sick in the night. It's annoying and weird.

Oh well.

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

"I had a couple beers and now I'm buzzzzzed." . . . light weight . . . LOL!

Jodi said...

Having to quit drinking for a year for a pregnancy and another year for breast feeding, it tends to turn one into a light weight.

Once upon a time (like, 2 years ago), I could put away a 12 pack and still walk semi-straight. lol

Gram said...

OK... take it from me... Jodi's right about SeaDog's blueberry ale, although it is a very close second to Shiraz!!! (or as we call it in this family... Shisaz!!)

Jodi said...

Gram - you make it sound like we're a bunch of booze hounds!

Oh.. wait...... *looking down at drink* Forget it.

Country Girl said...

Your too funny!
It take me about 2-3 beers and I'm buzzed, lightweight after kids!

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

"Once upon a time (like, 2 years ago), I could put away a 12 pack and still walk semi-straight."

I think I like you better now as a light weight! :) LOL! Although visualizing you attempting a "semi-straight" walk has me chuckling . . .

Jodi said...

What? You don't think it was straight? To a drunk mind, it's always straight! ;-)

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