Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Weather Goals update:

My original goals are posted here: (Part 1 and Part Deux).

1) Monkey's scarf is done! When I heard the cold weather forecast for the end of this week, so I really started to push to finish. I'm really pleased with it! I'll get back to mine after I embellish the apron I bought her. (She wouldn't let me take a picture of her with it, so you'll have to settle for it on a chair)

2) I found the copy of Mother Earth News with the cheese recipes in it. My list is made and I'll be picking up what I need sometimes next week (I'm avoiding errands right now because of the frigid cold - if Monkey and I can stay in out of it, scarves or not, I'd prefer that).

3) As I type this, I have dough rising for bread. I didn't get to make any last week after all. T keeps surprising me with store bought loaves - and I'd rather not make some when we have a full loaf here already. This will help get the house nice and toasty (pun intended) warm today.

4) Uh.. At 15 weeks pregnant, I've gained 6 lbs. I haven't been able to get much exercise (I love to go walking, but I can't exactly take the stroller out on the side of the road with the snowbanks at this time of year). T hasn't hauled our snowshoes out from the back shed yet, but when the weather warms up a tad, we'll get those bad boys strapped on. Pulling Monkey around on her sled is extra resistance. I have been eating well and doing my best to maintain a balanced diet, so I'm happy in that department.

9) I had an episode this week of feeling really crappy about my appearance. I'm at an in between stage at the moment - I'm wearing maternity pants but still mostly wearing regular shirts (maternity shirts are just huge sacks on me still). The only shirts that still fit are t-shirts, be it long or short sleeved. And I know that's mostly all I have ahead of me in my maternity shirts. So I ordered myself a couple cute, feminine maternity tops to throw in with all of the t-shirts. And yesterday, I pulled out a skirt I bought last summer. It's a Life is Good cotton jersey skirt that I'll be able to wear when I'm at the end of my pregnancy as well (T's been watching their website so I can get a couple more of these!). Paired with a plain t-shirt and fixed up hair, I felt nice when T finally got home from work (having my apron on also helped me feel femme. haha). I need to continue to make efforts on this front.

These are all the updates for this week!

Oh - and just a reminder - check LL Bean often today for their hourly sales item. The item changes hourly from 8 AM until 6 PM (the 6 PM item stays available all night, from what I could see last night).

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