Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've said it before

And I'll say it again.

I'm chicken shit.

My good friend T (I'm going to call her GFT from here on to differentiate between her and hubby T) mentioned last night we could buy a pattern and MAKE Monkey's flower girl dress for her wedding.

I gaped at her like a deer in headlights and stammered a bit, I'm sure.

Because, as always, I doubt my abilities.

The entire drive home, I mentally yelled at myself (it was a long 20 minute drive).

Mental yelling: "Seriously? Your mother was a seamstress! She made your clothes as a child. She made HER clothes while you were a child. She taught you how to sew, which you've been doing since you were tall enough to reach the pedal! You can't handle making a dress WITH A PATTERN? The worst that can happen is you screw it up. So then you buy another yard of fabric (my child is small enough, that's all it's going to take! haha) and ask Mom for help. We have until at least August (no date set yet) to get it done!! DUMMY! Buck up!"

So, I haven't informed GFT yet - after the initial fear wore off and the mental yelling ensued, I've decided to take her up on it. There's nothing like a challenge to get me going.

I'm going to scope out patterns sometime this week to find a few simple clothing patterns to try my hand at. It's been quite some time since I've sewn with a pattern as I tend to freehand my projects.

Bonus? GFT wants to come over with her brand new sewing machine and take notes. I guess it's probably a good thing we can't involve booze?

It's scary jumping into the mind of Jodi, isn't it?


Gram said...

My first reaction was: OH MY GOD!! It just reminded me of when you wanted to may your own wedding dress & your own wedding cake & all the stress &... well you know... However! This is a good idea! You can do this.. its not your wedding, so you don't have the added stress & I don't have the added stress as well, so I can help! I LOVE IT! I know it'll be beautiful!

Jodi said...

For the record, I only suggested making my own cake. NOT my own dress. And the cake was so darned simple, we COULD have made it. *thumbing nose*

Gram's on board! Here we go!!

Michelle said...

I'm sure you can do it! I can't wait to see the result :)

Osh said...

You will do a great job!

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