Monday, January 5, 2009

A new cold weather goal

T decided I need another cold weather goal.

He'll be helping with this one.

We need to try one new recipe a week. Oddly enough, when I mentioned this to my mother, she said she was doing the same (but every other week because she usually only cooks on the weekends and lives off of leftovers all week).

Friday night while we were waiting for the pizza to cook, I told T and Monkey to sit down and chose a recipe for this week.

He picked the Rachael Ray Just in Time cookbook from our library of cookbooks and began to thumb through it. My brother bought me this cookbook last year for Christmas, but like all other cookbooks in my house, it was catching a lot more dust than I'd like to admit. It's now a dust catcher no more!

Our recipe for the week is Turkey Tetrazzini. T's not a huge fan of turkey unless it's roasted or deep fried (and usually only at Thanksgiving), so I'm going to make it with chicken instead.

My plan is to keep either a checkmark or an 'X' on each recipe so I know if we liked it or not. Why waste our time with a recipe we couldn't stand? (I'll need to use a question mark for something that's ok but not a favorite, perhaps? haha).

Hopefully this will introduce our family to a lot of different foods we wouldn't try otherwise.

Rest assured, T's not afraid to take on the recipe of the week on either of his night's to cook.


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Great idea! I actually take little notes and date them in my cookbooks. I got the idea from cookbooks I recieved from my hubby's great grandmother. It is really fun to look at what she wrote... she even wrote if she made it for something special and how she tweaked it to her liking. Maybe someday my grandkids will look at my cookbooks too???

Queenie said...

Great idea - it will help with the mid-winter doldrums. I've made RR's tetrazzini (but with turkey) and can highly recommend it! Enjoy and what a fun way to get through winter..

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I have this same cookbook in our library. My wife and I adore Rachel Ray and her recipes.

Very nice web site. First time here.

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