Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cold weather goals:

It's been a while since I've updated on my winter goals. I've kind of pushed things aside to get through the holidays while attempting to get myself through the first trimester of pregnancy. I'm lucky the morning sickness has been gone for pretty much 2-3 weeks now, but I've still been dealing with the fatigue. I'm ready to get back to it now!

This morning, I printed out my original posts listing my cold weather goals (Part 1 and Part Deux). I want to be able to scribble on it and physically cross things off!

1) Learning to knit is going well. I pulled out my second scarf on our trip north. I hadn't touched it in a month. I've doubled it's length - it's about a third of the way done. I haven't decided what my next knitting project will be. I'm not ready to attempt socks and 4 needles at a time (My Memere - Dad's mom - kind of scared me when I saw the socks she was working on this weekend! haha).

2) Learning to make cheese is something I want to attempt soon. I need to dig out the Mother Earth News edition that first piqued my interest so I can reread the articles concerning cheese. And to create a shopping list so I know what I need to buy.

3) I've been doing a lot of baking this past month, but it was mostly cookies. And Amish Friendship breads. I'm going to dig out my recipe for home made bread this week. I want to start baking bread by next week.

4) Losing weight is obviously out of the question now. So I'm crossing this off of my list for the time being. I do, however, hope to keep pregnancy weight gain under control. I only gained 23 pounds for Monkey. That is in a healthy weight gain range. I'd like to keep it in a healthy range this time as well. (If it wouldn't be so darn frigid out we could pull out the snowshoes and pull Monkey along in her sled!).

5) Small miscellaneous projects are currently on hold. I really only have 2 small paint projects left, but we do small paint jobs in the basement. It's a little too cold down here right now so they'll have to wait for a bit warmer days. I'm worried about the paint drying well.

6) The cupboard painting is temporarily on hold while we decide what we want to do. We may replace our counter tops with our tax refund this year. We'll do it all at once if we end up replacing the counter tops. Stairway to the basement hasn't been touched yet.

7) The home office/craft room/family room hasn't been touched in about a month. I have been brainstorming and came up with a great plan for storage. I have an old metal cabinet my Grandma D gave me a few years ago. I had been using it to store pots and vases, but most pots are outside now. And the few vases I have can be moved elsewhere. I need help to hang it because I think it's heavier than I should be carrying on my own right now (I hate feeling even remotely helpless - not being able to carry things right now is a huge pain in my rump!). I want to drill a hole in the bottom to hang an electric cord out of so I can put my printer and photo printer in it. I'll also have the top 2 shelves to store office papers I need handy. I'm glad I couldn't find the type of storage I was looking for last month at TJMaxx! The family room portion is currently being used as storage for baby stuff Monkey has outgrown or graduated from. I'm hoping to rearrange it and put it in the laundry section of the basement so I can set up the TV, VCR and PlayStation and have T haul the old futon in here. I also need to get a big area rug to keep our tootsies warm on the cold concrete!

8) Done.

9) I've been getting regular haircuts! We won't be heading north again until Easter (weather permitting), so I had my hairdresser chop it pretty short this past weekend. I'm always showered and dressed right after lunch, though. It's just too difficult to shower while Monkey is awake so I've decided to save myself the stress and wait for her nap time (except for days we leave the house - I make myself presentable before leaving). Let's just say that having my shower curtains pulled down on my head from a child trying to heave her body into the tub with me was just too much to take.

10) I have been thoroughly enjoying my family. And trying to imagine how it will be with 4 of us instead of just 3.

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Anonymous said...

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