Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend update

I've been spending the week trying to catch up on sleep and on paperwork.

I'm almost there on the paperwork.

Sleep? I'll never catch up on it at the rate I've been going.

I did start my hallway closet organization project yesterday. I completely emptied it out, washed the walls and shelf (it was gross - hadn't been done since we moved in. Yuck), and put in the hanging garment organizers.

I'm thinking I could move most of my general cleaning supplies (minus any chemicals so the kiddies can't get into it) into this closet as well, but need to find something to organize them with.

I'm hoping to have more time to post later (maybe adding pictures?), but otherwise, don't count on hearing from me until Monday. I still have to finish my work for my job, plus I need to let T get his weekend work done (weekly pellet stove cleaning, mix up some pellets and corn, he needs to shovel off the roof a bit, etc - stuff he can't do alone with Monkey).

Did I really think life was going to slow down for winter? Really?

1 comment:

Gram said...

Life doesn't slow down for winter... nor for old age... (not that I'm old... just beginning to peek at it.. lol) You need to just slow down for the special times & hang on & enjoy the rest... See you soon.. missing you & Monkey...

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