Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lunch time ramblings

I hate suffering from insomnia. This is my pregnancy woe. I had it throughout my pregnancy for Monkey. I'm suffering a sleepless night a week right now, and I'm sure it is only going to get worse.

Thank goodness for Dunkin Donuts. I managed to snooze for 30 minutes after my alarm went off but that left me no time for breakfast. Dunkin Donuts coffee and bagel saved my morning.

I'm not liking my shorter hairstyle right now. I took the time to quickly jump in the shower to get rid of my bed head (and stink). I only half dried my hair so I could run out the door. My hair looks worse now than when I first rolled out of bed.

Thanks to Queenie, I started rethinking selling my wedding dress. I thought of it through Monkey's point of view and decided maybe I should keep it. But, it can't stay in the closet because I'm attempting to empty another closet into the one it's currently stored in to make way for New Bean. So I bought an under the bed storage tote. As I pulled the dress out of the closet, I found the plastic it was stored in was collecting condensation and I had mold growing up the wall of my closet. So thank you Queenie. I knew this congestion couldn't just be pregnancy related (mold is one of the worst allergens for me). T did a quick scrubbing last night but he'll be back in the closet this weekend with industrial strength mold/mildew remover.

I really am nesting badly. Before attempting to put my dress in better storage (it had to dry out because it got wet, too - letting it dry a few days to be safe), I was in Monkey's bedroom working on organizing. I'll have a post dedicated entirely to it tomorrow to include pictures. I have an assignment for my readers. I want to see what other Mommy's (and Daddy's - and even grandparents who have play rooms for their grand babies!) are doing to tame their children's chaos and how they store toys/puzzles/etc. Visual aids are appreciated.

Most of my nesting right now is this insane need to organize. My house is chaotic. Normally, I'm ok with some chaos. It's not a good chaos right now and it's raising my blood pressure. I find it impossible to relax. And I feel the need to start making room for New Bean.

T found a porterhouse steak marked down from $15 to $7.50 for dinner tonight. Yum. Monkey loves steak as much as we do.

Courtney over at Cady Cupcake gave me the heads up on an online store closing. Babycenter.com is closing their store. There are a lot of things on clearance and they have a coupon for free shipping (it's right on their front page). I'm disappointed because the only thing I wanted was a baby sling for New Bean (I never used one for Monkey and really want one this time). I would have bought a Hotsling for $24. Alas, they are sold out of all of the really cheap ones.

I guess I need to find a pattern and make my own sling.

I bought Monkey a blank canvas apron at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday. I'm going to embroider some flowers and her name on it and pretty it up with ribbons and bows. She is always trying to put our aprons on - and she loves to help cook - so it's time to give the kid an apron!

I'm just about finished eating - at my desk, as usual - so it's time to get my head back into work. I still have W-2's that need printing. Almost done!


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

I wish I could help you with the organizing... I'm having troubles myself!! I hope you get some great ideas that I can take too!!

Have you ever seen soulemama's blog? She had the best looking cozy sling on in one of her pictures recently, you should check it out!

Jodi said...

I will check her blog out for sure!

I took pictures of what I started for organizing in Monkey's room. All I've really managed to do it get her closet super organized right now, though. Our house is too small. lol (I am so joking - I can't keep up with our little house. I wouldn't want anything any bigger!)

Gram said...

I so had to laugh when you asked for organizing ideas (from grandparents with a kid's playroom at their home)... I knew you didn't want ideas from me!!! lol I am working on ridding chaos at the moment & my grandbaby room is highly chaotic! Hope you get good ideas I can use too!

Queenie said...

Jodi, I am so happy you decided to keep the wedding gown and what a bonus: finding the mold. Thank goodness you discovered it now! And are you kidding about organizing children's chaos? The only way to do that is to let them grow up and move into their own homes. Even then you will have storage bins FULL of their stuff in the attic...good luck with the nesting.

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