Sunday, January 11, 2009

So much for taking the weekend off...

I spent all morning working for work yesterday. And then a couple hours working on the bookkeeping I do on the side. We then ended up in town running errands for T just in time to get home, make dinner and get to bed.

T and Monkey let me sleep in a little this morning (7 - hey, it's better than 6!). After a relaxing breakfast, I did some more side work while Monkey watched Sesame Street. T arrived with our weekly Dunkin Donuts coffee treat (we make our own at home to save money but treat ourselves on Sunday). We vegged out while enjoying our coffee, each with a magazine and Monkey with her books and a couple of puzzles.

Then all hell broke loose.

Ok, not really. But kind of.

T decided it was time to put together the end tables I bought on Ebay this fall. He didn't remember the reason I hadn't put them together in the first place was because we hadn't been given all of the hardware we needed to do so (after 2 months of fighting with the seller, I gave up in disgust).

This made me feel guilty for sitting and finishing my magazine, so I got started on another organization project. A small one, I promise. I had one of those over the door hanging shoe organizers screwed to the wall in the guest closet for my seldom worn shoes (mostly my high heels). I sorted through and put some in the donation pile and the rest went into a new hanging shoe organizer I purchased for my closet.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. The other organizational tool I purchased Friday were small plastic drawer bins. I started rearranging my bathroom products. The pretty baskets I've been using are just that - pretty. Everything gets jumbled in them and it's impossible to see if I need to buy more toothpaste or if I really do have 5 tubes of mascara! I got 2 of the 3 I purchased set up. I'll do the rest later this week.

By this time, T was done with 1 of the end tables (he can't do the second because of the missing hardware). They have 2 drawers and a shelf for storage. I was finally able to go through T's magazine rack with him to save what he wanted, put it neatly in a CLOSED DRAWER, and get rid of the ugly magazine rack with the slats magazines are always falling out of.

We finally hit lunch time. T went out to change the oil in the jeep, get some pellets and corn mixed for our stove and snow blow the driveway.

Monkey went down for a nap.

And here I am.

Just as I type this, Monkey is waking up. So I guess my break is over.

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