Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home clear out

T's schedule is off this week, thanks to some re-certification classes he has to take. So I'm in the office on Wednesday instead. Next week, it's Monday. Everything should be back to normal after!

So I'm doing my normal Wednesday "Clear it Out" work today.

The two bridesmaid dresses sitting in my spare closet are still sitting there. Today, it's time to list them on craigslist.

I dug out the box of Precious Moments we've had in storage since we bought the house. It's time to ship them on out. So I've spent the past hour looking them up on ebay and deciding on a listing price. I need to figure out how much shipping would be and then list them.

I also found the graduation gift I had given T when we graduated college. It's a hand carved likeness of him. The glue used to attach a syringe and stethoscope has since dissolved, so I need to pull out the glue gun today to fix it. I want to have it fixed and on display when T gets home from work tonight!

Baby steps. Eventually my house will be organized and clutter free.

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